Is our Privatisation killing our Public spaces?

We are in middle of 2020, and out of all these years that we are a part of this planet one thing is common and that is we are just thinking of ourselves, to built opportunities of ourselves to create assets and what not, but one thing that we are forgetting is that even in this present scenario we want our social lives to survive in this world, and social life is only possible with socializing, but are we having it, or should I ask do we have places to socialize?

Out the early surveys of some of the organisations, it stated that there is a hike in the commercialization of the cites with a record percent of 43.23, that means the process of the commercialization of the cites is happening with this rate every year, and thus to build and to develop these societies we are killing the public spaces of the cities.

The major problem of Privatization.

We can have a look on any major city of India be it Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or even our own city Jaipur, even in Jaipur if we talk about the construction of the residential apartments is increasing every fortnight, and all the major builders are making us a part of this beautiful honey trap by providing us our own Dream Home, but do we think in this way that with the increment of the apartments, malls there comes more rush, more vehicles resulting more traffic on the roads, one study said that in metropolitan cities of the world every new car bought creates a delay for you to reach home by 20-25 secs, is it a small amount now just think if there are 1 lakh cars, and try to figure out what we are having.

In cites we do not have big parks, where we can sit and spend time with our family, there are no places where we can go out and have a relaxing evening with our other half, every single place either being occupied by the construction giants or the honking of the cars that are also trying to find a place to find a peaceful time.

A small task for you to try.

If you are not believing the above mentioned facts than try this small task, take your vehicle choose a rush hour of your city, and try to find a peaceful place where you can sit and relax, I don’t know whether you’ll be able to find one such place but one thing is for sure that I can guarantee is that you’ll be more frustrated with the honking and the traffic that you will be facing instead of the peace you wanted.

Major reasons

The major reasons are the constructions that are being happening in our cities, be it a residential apartment or a shopping mall, more the buildings the less the public spaces we will be left with, and on the name of socializing you’ll be left with your own phone in hand sitting in your flat sharing a status on Facebook captioning “those were the days” with your childhood pic of you at your favourite place which is now destroyed by housing giants. This need of having our own home is cutting us away from the social life that we used to have in our childhood days.

Do we have a solution?

Yes, its not the end of the world, we are still left with many solutions, which if get implemented than we will surely be not having any problems regarding the public spaces, some of them are as follows:

  1. To improve our streets - Streets are the main aspects of any cities, that connects places to places, your home to your offices, to maintain a street there has to be enough majors that we have to think of, like to implement better parking strategies, so that no congestion will hit the roads, there has to be a limit to number of vehicles crossing the roads every hour, together we can make our city a better place to ponder.
  2.  Create Square and parks as Multi-Destinations -  Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur is the best example for this point, which has public squares at every single yard and crossings, that are  widely spread, with all the amenities, like vendors and shops, people go and sit there to relax, children play games, which makes it very soothing to see a place like this, in the time of modernization, and it also represent great planning of the township.
  3. Spacious Facades - What if every commercial building that is being constructed have a spacious facade that not only allows people to sit and relax, but also gives a great example of Humanity.      
These are some solutions that we think are beneficial if implemented for the people of the city, do you also have any ideas than put them down in the comments section, also if you like this article then leave your comments in the comments section, we would love to listen from you, and do not forget to share this with your friends. Have a nice day.


  1. Very beautifully explained...
    That's to be understand by the architects fraternity.

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