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Is our Privatisation killing our Public spaces?

We are in middle of 2020, and out of all these years that we are a part of this planet one thing is common and that is we are just thinking of ourselves, to built opportunities of ourselves to create assets and what not, but one thing that we are forgetting is that even in this present scenario we want our social lives to survive in this world, and social life is only possible with socializing , but are we having it, or should I ask do we have places to socialize? Out the early surveys of some of the organisations, it stated that there is a hike in the commercialization of the cites with a record percent of 43.23, that means the process of the commercialization of the cites is happening with this rate every year, and thus to build and to develop these societies we are killing the public spaces of the cities. The major problem of Privatization . We can have a look on any major city of India be it Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or even our own city Jaipur, even in Jaipur if